Friday, February 1, 2013


If you've checked my old sermon webpage, you've probably noticed that I haven't updated it in a while. That's because as a combination of my being a control freak about formatting both of the texts themselves and the layout of the webpage, I sort of got behind on it about five years ago…even though I was still being asked to do a sermon or two each year.

Then along came this wonderful thing called Blogger, and I realized (but not suddenly, since I had long since been using it for other things) that this was the perfect solution to my "sermon storage" problem. I just copy and paste the sermon into a blog entry, date it, and I'm done. This would solve the problem of a number of people asking for copies of some of my more recent ones.

But of course, being the methodical control freak that I am (is there a reason why I'm a librarian?), rather than starting from the most recent ones and working back, I tried starting from the oldest ones and working forward, meaning that it would be a while before I got to the newer ones that people were asking for.

And then, duh, it hit me. The little lightbulb went on over my head. And this one was an LED bulb. Since I already had the ones up to 2008 accessible the old way, I should just put a link to that page here, and then start working backward. So that's what I'll be doing. My goal will be to post one each week until I get back to 2008, then I'll start finishing off converting the ones from the old website.

Who knows…maybe I'll even get ahead of myself!

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